Five month old rape victim dies.

Child MolestationIn a story that has truely shaken the islands of the Bahamas, the five month of baby girl that was sexually assault by an adult male has passed away at the Princess Margret Hospital. It was confirmed by police authorities that both parents who are said to be in their early 20’s are currently being held and questioned for this matter but no officials charges have been pressed. This is most certainly the most disturbing case of a string of child molestation cases that has been made public. One must keep in mind of the ice-berg effect; the tip of an ice berg may be visible but who can imagine the amount of cases that are not reported.


2 Responses to “Five month old rape victim dies.”

  1. Colllege Brat Says:

    Whoever that BEASTLY ANIMAL IS they needs to be shot and killed. Thats just nasty man. A 5 MONTH OLD! WHAT CARNAL PLEASURE U GET OUT OF THAT! THATS SICK!

  2. outragedmother Says:

    i think that death is too good for whoever this sick individual is. He needs to be allowed to live and and tortured every day of his life to know some of the pain that he caused a sweet innocent child.

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